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Historic Restoration

At Graham Feralio General Contractors, we love doing historic restoration. It's our speciality, and it's our passion.

Some aspects of our historic restoration work include period plaster work, reclaimed materials for authentic aging, crafting new window sashes that match the original, and wrap timber framing and structural insulated panels. We even can do full restoration to any old windows sashes, including installing restoration glass — even wavy glass with bubbles!

Mountainside 2012

On this proect, we used historic timber framing, including pegged mortise and tenon joints. This resulted in a beautiful finished product, brimming with historic beauty and quality craftsmanship.

We also added hand hwen and draw knife finished timber frame beams and posts, as seen in the pictures above.

Black Bass Inn

Around 2005/2006, the Black Bass Hotel’s owner, Jack Thompson, sought to restore this historic landmark. Graham was hired as the site foreman through another main construction company that got the job. Graham was involved in the work through all aspects of the restoration. When the first phase of work was completed, Graham was brought on as the main construction company to complete any further work. He continues to service the Black Bass Hotel for any of their upkeep, repairs, and further projects.

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Lumberville General Store

One of the most recent projects at the Black Bass Hotel was the restoration of the Lumberville General Store, located just across the street. Graham and his crew handled all aspects of restoration from start to finish.

Learn more about the Lumberville General Store at the link below:

Historic Restoration Before + After